How to Build a SaaS Business – Ultimate Web Resource Guide (Part 1)

Welcome to the first part of the blog post series “How to Build a Successful SaaS Business”. If you want to find out what this series is all about, please check out this introductory blog post. If you want to read the second part of this web resource guide, click here.

This web resource guide is based on a 4 step process. The first step of this process, “Mindset & Basic Decisions”, deals with preparation. This is a topic which is neglected by a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. After all, before you start to search for a SaaS idea or even try to build a software prototype, there are general conditions you have to take into account, and important decisions you have to make. If you don’t do this, your business will rest on an unsteady foundation. You will make things far more difficult. But if you apply this advice, your SaaS journey will become much easier, and your chances of success will increase massively. In this sense, invest some time into the following topics, and lay the groundwork for your success.

The step “Mindset & Basic Decisions” consists of several subtopics, which have no chronological order. This means you can read the following subtopics and links in sequence, or jump to specific subtopics you are interested in. That being said, try to research all the following subtopics, and don’t regret it later on.

For convenience, every web resource is labeled with these 3 tags:

  1. Information element: summarizes whether a web resource is a Forum post, Blog post, Podcast, Video, Tutorial, or Tool
  2. Target group: summarizes whether a web resource is Basic (basic entrepreneur advice) or SaaS (specific SaaS advice)
  3. Information type: summarizes whether a web resource is centered around Theory (i.e. methods, strategy, .. ) or Practice (i.e. examples, concrete tips, …)

Following this convention, a web resource tagged with “Podcast, SaaS, Practice“ describes this: This web resource is a podcast, which contains practical SaaS advice.

Why should I Start a SaaS Business?

If you want to start an online business, there are endless options you can choose from, ranging from building an online-shop to selling information products. So why would you start a SaaS Business? The following links will illustrate why starting a SaaS business makes much sense and can be very lucrative.

Fulltime Vs. Sideproject

Starting a business is time-consuming. And if you have a full-time job (and even a family), it can be hard to build a business from scratch. Find out which option is better suited for you, starting a business on a part-time or full-time basis:

Niche SaaS Vs. Big SaaS

Almost every successful SaaS entrepreneur will tell you the exact same thing: the most important thing about starting a SaaS business is choosing the right market. No matter how good of a programmer you are, and no matter how beautiful your UI is designed, the wrong market can make or break your whole SaaS business:

Bootstrapping Vs. Funding

Should you finance your business from your own funds, or should you rely on external capital from investors? Both approaches have pros and cons:

Business Fundamentals

In the end, a SaaS business is still a business. So if you want to build a successful Saas company, you must learn the business fundamentals. The following links shall give you a small glimpse of the basics needed to start a business:

Are you done with all the web resources in this blog post? Then please have a look at the second part of this web resource guide.